Friday, 2 January 2009

Agyness Dean-Modeling and Music

This post is about Aggy....:)
Because she's THE fashion hero. Yep, I think she changed so much, with her energy. It would be really great to meet her some day. It's like she came from nowhere, kind of magic trick, and shocked everyone. She's so specyfic, in a good way, and represents the kind of fashion which everyone want to look at. She can be sensitive and strong, she can look elegant and be a punk. It's just amazing, and I'm not talking about make-up artists, and fashion designers, who yes, put so much effort into shows and photo shootings, and it shows, but I'm talking about her way of being, how she presents herself. I don't know her personally, but when I look at her she really looks like she enjoys fashion, and gives everything, and she care, which is very important. she's got charming accent:) She came all the way from Manchester, where as a teeenager she worked in a fish and chips shop. I don't know why, but there is this thing that models who come from little places are the most known...and really beautiful, but it's propley not true.
All her teenager life she had short her, and once she even shaved her hair off. Her first pics were taken by her friend photographer(I wish I had a friend like this:D), who belived in her and told her that that's what she should do. Then she was signed to Model 1 agency in London. I'd like to think of it as a fairytale story, it's like she turned into princess, but that's just my childish way of looking at it. Now, Agyness Deyn is a face of Madam, she was on cover of Vogue so many times that I've lost cauting, she works for the best fashion designers like Miu-Miu, Burberry, Gucci, and all others. I really think that that's just amazing.She has deducation for fashion as well as music, and I've got to say this girl is pretty good in what she's doing.

Agyness Dean singing a song: CLICK HERE

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