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…my mind was plotted carefully, making it so hard for you to untie…

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I’m gonna write to you letters and let dirty wrappers to read them….

I’m gonna write you long letters and let the dust to embrace them…

* * * * * * *

…you walking around me….

I’m your guilt dear lover….

you walking around me….

I’m your secret…..dear

* * * * * * *

your eyes are following

seduced by my lips….


secret secret secret

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shannanphoto Photo of the Day | Looking Back

carolinephoto Photo of the Day | The Handmaids Tale

raquel beauty Morning Beauty | Raquel Zimmermann by Mikael Jansson

raquel beauty4 Morning Beauty | Raquel Zimmermann by Mikael Jansson

raquel beauty9 Morning Beauty | Raquel Zimmermann by Mikael Jansson

day Missy Rayder by Ditte Isager for Day Birger et Mikkelsen Fall 2010 Campaign

soubresaut:  (vikusia)

missymoreforday2 Missy Rayder by Ditte Isager for Day Birger et Mikkelsen Fall 2010 Campaign

missymoreforday5 Missy Rayder by Ditte Isager for Day Birger et Mikkelsen Fall 2010 Campaign

culturesavage Man Ray, Sans titre  (Untitled), 1930.

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make her blush


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(I won’t name you

I can’t….

it’s so simple…little tags are so simple….

mother, friend, lover, husband, stranger….)

Dear player….

You’re stronger than strong. Weaker than weak.

I am stronger than strong. Weaker than weak.

Freedom lovers we are. Mean no harm….mean no harm….

in our veins in our heart too much red runs through…too fast…

Freedom lovers we are. Counting games in matchsticks….

making passion easy….

making love so hard…..

I’m a piece of art leave me untouched…

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craving for honor
craving for strength
weak is the man that woman takes in her paws
and turns
and turns
we all need power
so power came
and left you on your own
it took away your face
it took away your cloths
and left you on your own…
you wanted power, yeah?
here is your power boy…

“when you love someone even while think about her or while feel her it doesnt matter how far away you are or close you are, its like your heart is beating fast and slow at the same time!what if she say i dont feel you i leave you but im in you!whats gonna happen to heart beats cause of her?its gonna stop and you gonna start to… burn but you wanna stop it but without her its gonna never happen in the end!”
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ny-batteri:  catwalkchums:  gwenie:  Douglas Neitzke ph: Donald J PhotographyBackstage @ Albino Deuxieme SS2011

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gosmokeatree:  fuckyeahdutch: Lennart Richter (via senseiwit)

LOfficiel August 2010

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lovelykat:  fuckyeahfrancisco:  mypassionforbeauty:  love love love him! // by Marley Kate // posted by Sissouille at bellazon

lovelykat:  Ash Stymest | Fiasco September/October 2010Editorial : Lost BoysPh Vincent NordStylist Alexis Knox

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(via whitenoiseandblacklight) Alexas new Twitter profile picture.

from i-D Magazine 2009

ny-batteri:  fuckyeahmodelhomme:  mybigbreak:  Eddie Klint ph. by Steven Meisel for Prada Fall Winter 2006

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lovelykat:  fuckyeahfrancisco:  vanity teen

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dear strange man don’t share your guilt with me…

Chanel Eyewear Campaign Elisa Sednaoui

Sally Mann exhibition at The Photographers' Gallery

Bodas Sheer Tactel soft cup bra

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Louis Vuitton mens clogs

Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunglasses

Playboy Magazine July 1970 vol.17, no.7

Obsidian Elizabeth underwire

Paris Texas

PALACE SKATEBOARDS CHANEL TEE Miu Miu shorts & Ruby helmet


flyingdinosaur:  poisonedflowers:  ectoplasmspasm:  laurencephilomene

Alexander Mcqueen Skull poloneck sweater


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hayleyborrows:  wahnbriefe

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…this is my party now let’s get this shit started!

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britwoollard:   OOOOO how naughty :3 beautyinfilth:  Guess Fall 2010 Campaign Alyssa Miller & Elsa Hosk Photography by Ellen von Unwerth

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wilddreamsinacupoftea:  whyjulia:  lextraordinary poeticrealism visibleillusion rattus  Alexander Wang Resort 2011

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there is nothing happy about the way i am holding my little love on a stick…

there is nothing happy about the way it’s sitting between my two fingers….

nothing good about the way it fills me…

little lover wrapped in innocent coat….




nothing good about the way it leaves it’s scent in my hair….

the way it clings to my skin….

but the delightful way in which it fills my body…

travels unseen…through my veins…runs in my blood….

and sits in my lungs making every breath worth taking…

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artdecade:  PHOTO WILLIAM D WALSH //

sashaphoto Photo of the Day | The Birds

here she was…

the lady covered with crows

black crows

black feathers

the lady with crows…

sitting numb

she sat very close…

waiting for something…

she was waiting….

and there she was

lady with black crows….

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she won’t ever get enough once she gets a little touch


the lion hearted one….

if I won’t hear you no more…

I will stop calling….

malgosia beauty3 Morning Beauty | Malgosia Bela by Vincent Peters

then suddenly the sea didn’t belong to me no more….

and the waves didn’t sound familiar…like before….

and the ground was cold and hard….

the sun wasn’t burning…

salt wasn’t clinging

no end

no start

pauljoecampaign Frida Gustavvson by Patrick Demarchelier for Paul & Joe Fall 2010 Campaign

Interview August 2010" alt="freja beha love Freja Beha Erichsen in Modern Love by Craig McDean | Interview August 2010" width="527" height="704">

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

It comes and goes it flows and floats….

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I take your breath away so you can not speak…

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after midnight…

after the last sigh….

the last breath…

there are breaths flowting…

right above the sealing…

touching parts of floor…

keeping the doors shot….

exchanging silence into noise….

right after midnight…

hip bones are swaying with the silence….

grate against the other….

push and pull apart…

keep the night a puzzle

a secret

a sigh

written by MOI (she fakes it)

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