Friday, 6 August 2010

meet the boyzzzz

ny-batteri:  fyeahgeorgebarnett:  George Barnett, Charlie France, Jeremy Young. FW10/11 Paris Hermes backstage | Ph: Sonny Vandeveldelenzlenny:  jessnha:  aerach:  (via fuckforever-)(via blackunicorns)lovelykat:  Jeremy Dufour at Jeal Paul Gaultier S/S11 backstagegosmokeatree:  antioco: Ram Shergill via patrickdaniel, adeadghost)ny-batteri:  (via fyeahgeorgebarnett)patrickdaniel:     (via eskinny)reine-des-cartes:  (via fuckyeahhotnessx)ny-batteri:  catwalkchums:  gwenie:  Douglas Neitzke ph: Donald J PhotographyBackstage @ Albino Deuxieme SS2011modelhommes:  Petter Hedman | Fiasco #3 | ph: Damon Bakermypassionforbeauty:  awww… Ash Stymest // Lost Boys // Fiasco 3  //  by Vincent Nord // stylist Alexis Knox (via smalltownkids) lackofwords:  (via howtogiveyourselfablowjob)gosmokeatree:  fuckyeahdutch: Lennart Richter (via senseiwit)(via heartbreakonvinyl, evergrowingwonder) L’Officiel August 2010(via whitenoiseandblacklight)goandwakeupyourluck:(via unefemmecoquette) L’Officiel August 2010 L’Officiel August 2010 gosmokeatree:  (via somestupidname)lovelykat:  fuckyeahfrancisco:  mypassionforbeauty:  love love love him! // by Marley Kate // posted by Sissouille at bellazon lovelykat:  Ash Stymest | Fiasco September/October 2010Editorial : Lost BoysPh Vincent NordStylist Alexis Knox(via fuckyeahlizzyjagger)reineroi:  littlemefromphilly:  1wildfoxx:  (via livelikeitsthelastday)danicamcguire:  stoneslaylikebones:57z384ell69ie:intergalactictrooper:(via cherilynsarkisian, wouldbenonsense)thedirtyindiekids:  (via diamondrefusal, letsfuckinmybed)(via whitenoiseandblacklight) Alexa’s new Twitter profile picture.from i-D Magazine 2009ny-batteri:  (via monstreux)ny-batteri:  fuckyeahmodelhomme:  mybigbreak:  Eddie Klint ph. by Steven Meisel for Prada Fall Winter 2006allylovesthem:  (via sheisthenewthing)lovelykat:  fuckyeahfrancisco:  vanity teenwalrusfuzz:       (via fuckyeahhommeboys)(via heartbreakonvinyl, darjeeling)hawtblogfeed:  belamiguys:  tgrade5:  funkpunkandroll:  (via themonsterdiie, fuckyeahfrancisco)

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