Saturday, 5 June 2010

Becoming nothing...

prettyittybitty:  (via hungryhungryhipbones)(via bonesarebeautiful, depressingly-awesome)fuckyeahanorexic:hismonster:ninetwentythree:  (via bonecage)(via alixchristie)porcelainteacup:  -behindthesehazeleyes:untroestlich:believeyourdreams:windowsdown:by jysla
(via somelikeitskinny)via.(via tinybones28) KITTY.Party till your passed out, drink till you’re dead;Dance all night till you can’t feel your legs. ♪♥♫ - BringMeTheHorizon,FootballSeasonIsOver.Moon walk, baby.It amused me.I’m not a child anymore.  I still do this. (:Too true.This needs to happen to me.Love, can stop traffic. It can stop you right in your tracks, make you wait, and make you go wow. It can bring you up, bring you down, or help you guide your way. Basically, you can either let it help you or let it fight against you. And to be honest, I’ve never been one for playing in traffic.Walk around the house like a fucking champion.Piglet+Pooh.<3It made me smile. (: (via deathfornumbers, chromaticlush) ohmygod look at her abs. and she’s sitting down. not fair. want. pillarofhope:  ninetwentythree:  merryhussel:  thisismyatelier:  forest family (by olya zhuzhzhalova) …Forever.

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Her past

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Stay away stay away SHE's a heel of a devil SHE will make you sway.