Monday, 12 April 2010

as the rain puts a tear in his eyes...she says dont let go...never give up it's such a wonderful life..

red-right-hand:  (via effyeahalexachung)dresslikealexachungday:  whitenoiseandblacklight(via moonlight-driive)(via jemappelle)(via effyeahalexachung)(via effyeahalexachung)(via locasanchez)ribbonspearlsandprettygirls:  (via whitenoiseandblacklight)ribbonspearlsandprettygirls:   poppycockroach:  this photo is too amazing for words.effyeahalexachung:   Alexa (26, from England), is not your typical Athens beauty. The model, it-girl, television host, journalist, international style icon, etc. looked stunning, despite making modest claims of looking a mess. She spent the afternoon perusing at Agora, as she was in town for the day with her boyfriend Alex’s band: The Arctic Monkeys. We asked if she had any advice to give fashionistas that look up to her as a style icon: “Be yourself, don’t follow trends, wear what you like and something that express who you are.” She also said that she does not like to wear something straight off the cat walk (hence why she is wearing a t-shirt of her own design.) Simple, sweet, sexy, sensational. (04/05/10) Thanks for the tip, jeveuxpew!(via stoppingdown)(via lovemennot)(via txfactorygirl)stylenote:  Alexa Chunglaramendonca:   ojosdeplata:  womanleftlonely:  (via dorothywasright)(via withmyheartraterapid)(via cecyuk)letmebethequeen:     Mulberry bags.(via consolationprizes)(via omm2)whitenoiseandblacklight:  Tribal necklace :](via effyeahalexachung)constantknottt:  ♥igotosleeptodream:   rosewolves:  wearethesky:(via youandyourprettybones)(via alrightstilll)I hope someone i know ends up in paris so i can stay with them, drinking cheap wine and exploring the city.Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve everyone on thisI love this crazy costume.(via becauseicantsleep) becauseicantsleep)andshelovesyou:  usefulguilt:  doctorplease::mackensienoelle:shhhp:(via nocturnality)

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Jaz, Pachu y Dolo said...

I just love every picture! Hope you sometime make a post about Jessica Stam, if you like her. The best blog, I won't get tired of telling you this


Her past

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