Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Seni bana yar ederler mi.

There are things that are unfair.
Sometimes we get just to getting what we want that it's so hard to understand why not this time.

There are things that only you will understand. There are things that you will never understand. I don't want you to understand them. There are people who will lie about their intentions. Dear stranger by the end of the day you are on your own. On your own. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters. What you should know that you need to get to things on your own, otherwise you might be so close and lose it, because of them.

Keep yourself cool....don't speak to strangers....strangers are there to hurt you...strenger are here....don't smile to them...don't be nice....

One day you will find yourself after 172 days with feeling of longing...and it will tear you apart...and there will be tears runnign down your face...and you will have this thing that no one alse will understand....and its fine if you are strong are one is....because one is very weak when one is in love....

PS: Seni bana yar ederler mi.

...and he will never fully understand that I love him....because he is simply affraid.

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