Saturday, 25 April 2009

Numbero 103 ...the beautiful one....

This is the most beautiful cover. I can't stop looking at it!Make-up is so pretty, and fresh perfect for spring!:)

I just found out about FREE HUGS CAMPAIGN. I mean I've heard that someone even showed up in Liverpool, but I had no idea it was such a huge thing! I love that this person dedicated his life to bring happiness to people lives by doing something so simple as giving them hugs. When you've got a bad day, and you feel like everyone turned their backs on you, something like a hug will make you feel better. To be honest I would love to just stand in the middle of Liverpool One and spread a tini tiny bit of love by giving hugs people, it's a lovely way of showing that u care, plus it makes you feel better. For example yesterday on my way from school I helped this old lady to cross the street. You have no idea how made up I was that I could help! She was such a sweet hart! I will never forget the moment when she smiled to me and said: ''See, there are nice people in the world''
I hope that you all will find yourself pleased by helping others. I hope that you will show everyone alse that there are good little souls, which are willing to help.


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