Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Frankie Magazine

I just started today my FAST training, it's really interesting, and for me it means a lot to know that I might be helping kids and their parents to get along, and to have a relationship! I'm missing all my lessons and it's a bit worrying because I will have so much to do! I'm really tired, after school, and the gym. My eyes just don't want to open, I still have got to finish my textiles project, and Spanish and do FAST homework. Yeah, I can really feel that school started. In two weeks exams, and then we will have a sit off, I hope anyway.

These are images that I found in Frankie Magazine. I hope you like it. I personally think that this magazine is really cute, all the drawings are adorable. You just have so much fun looking through it.

graniph, frankie magazine
graniph, frankie magazine

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