Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Emma Summerton

Even if I'm surrounded by millions of tissues, and my room is as messy as ever, today is the day. I've been so confused for quite a while now. Last week I had my room painted, and I wasn't happy at all (even if I was waiting such a long time for it), even the fact that I could paint it purple, brought no joy in me, no song could save me, not a magazine, not a new piece of clothing, not even my friend, I don't even know the cause of it. I'm always miles away with my mind, but this wasn't usual for me.
I love having days like this, when my energy is back, and over all I'm back on track (including my diet). I finally know, I sorted things out, and the ones that I didn't, I know how to. I guess I got my mind back, and all the senses are working properly. Welcome back real world. Welcome back.

EDITORIAL: A Charming Blend
MAGAZINE: Vogue Italia June 2007
MODEL: Hilary Rhoda
PHOTOGRAPHER: Emma Summerton
CREDIT: MarieMaud at www.thefashionspot.com

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