Monday, 19 January 2009

Link between a model and a photographer

Yesterday I relised something really important, that seems to be there, but I didn't get the importance of it. It was a link between a model and a photographer. It's a relationship, a big pile of ideas and thoughts. Which disapeares when you start to get nervous and you don't understand another person. I think this is why this industry is so hard. Firstly it's full of inspiration, talent, uniqe style, secret, as well as link between body, soul, light, art, one click of camera. The worst thing is that you start to get this when the worst is happening to you, when disappointment comes along. I wanted to tell you this so that you won't meet with this terrible feeling of lost conection....I still don't get it, but everyone says that the blame lies on the photographer and the model....

You can only see a picture, however behind that photograph there is so lots of atmoshere, style, mood, so many secrets, and unseen things......well this picture isn't a picture done by an artist, painted on a huge canvas. This picture is work, time, passion which people give.....and this is what matters. It's a day, hours and effort. This is why I adore this industry so much.

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