Sunday, 28 December 2008

Intresting faces

It's me again, I just found these amazing pics and I thought that I could share it with you....these are models that are more and less famous, in each of them there is something really intresting....that catches attention.... here they are, I hope you like it:)

This picture is super cute, I love the face expression...and whole action shown on this photo....

This picture is so could easly sell anything....and its so great that whatever it would sell I wouldn't care about what is it, and what prize. I would just concetrate on the picture.

TWO words: Energy, Body shape....all right three...=^d

OMG!!!I so love the calm face....ginger hair...colours..lituly everything about this picture. Do you know the way you look at a photograph, and think 'What an amazing picture and great model'? Well on this picture the first thing I thought was"Photographer did amazing job....yupi!"

Yes, I do love her hace, mouth, cheek bones....

cool hm?

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Her past

These images do not belong to me....well some do...but I will point out which yeah I have no rights to these photographs.
This is just ermmm...inspiration....for me...stuff that don't fit on my poor wrecked laptop...and my fucked up head...and huge, old skechbook..and hmmm...if you wanna look through my stuff go ahead...this is what blogs are for, right?...


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