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her body full of sentences

Done last night by Dennis Kline @ Dark Water Tattoos in Bridgeview, IL.Chase that feeling - Hilltop Hoods awesome song, the lyrics were my inspiration for this third tattoo, because I love The Eiffel TowerTattoo from my friend, done by me at El Cuervo Studio !!! Three days old.  A crest of sorts, as well as a tribute to someone who very much changed me for the better.  Potentially going to add the German word “meschenfressen” underneath.  It means “cannibal,” but the literal translation is “man-eater.”  Both are accurate descriptions of me in their own way. Done by Cindy at Body Graphics in Philadelphia, PA. The tooth is based on a drawing from the medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy, the stag is based on the etching of a red deer from Webster’s Pictoral, and the laurels were designed by Cindy.  The design is based on something done by its dedicatee, which I modified  and added to.  Cindy mocked up the final design for me. I’m f*cking thrilled about it.  I love it.  But I’m already tired of everyone asking “why?” about the tooth.St Marks Lion (just color to go)- done by Ryan @ Fox Body Art, Collingwood, AUSTRALIA Reference to my heritage and homeland of Venice Italywendys… my first tattoo.i got this as after I graduated, in SF at moms body shop by Barnaby. The crescent moon represents the friendship between me and my best friend, as or film production logo. Within the moon is Paris, which represents the place that will forever change my life, and where I fell for my amazing girlfriend.  In essence, this is finity. All that will end, everything physical, emotional, every experience or state of being there will be. And the fact that nothing, including this constant finity, can or will last forever. (It is remarkably difficult to take a picture of the back of one’s own neck.)This is my “False Mirror” by Rene Magritte. Being an artist, Magritte has greatly influenced me through his surrealism. This eye will always remind me to keep looking up no matter how hard life may seem.I’ve always been a fan of E.E Cummings, but after my uncle died this line really hit“La joie de vivre” meaning the joy of live/living. I got this tattoo in October as a commitment to myself to forever do every single thing I do purely for my happiness; it’s why we’re here, isn’t it? http://mossinmind.tumblr.comit’s kinda third eye, means ‘intuition’ for me.My very first tattoo :) Three Little birds, my mom raised me and my little sister all by her self, she used to sing us this song when ever we were sad, turned out all we needed was each otherSubmitted by someone pretending to be the actual owner of this tattoo. Pretty lame. Our apologies to Ali.This is the only picture I have of my back piece. I got a few leaves added to it a few weeks after it was healed so it looks a lot more full. I love bamboo and everything about it. I got this tattoo for many reasons. One being the symbolism it holds in the Chinese culture of strength, nobleness and adaption. I hold each of these values to a very high standard.  Also, it’s pretty neat that my name comes from a Germanic origin meaning noble. A year ago, November 19, 2009, a friend very close to those photoed above took his life. He had an anchor tattoo, so it seemed a sensible memorial for him. The anchors also symbolize the fact that we are all now each others anchors to get through the tough times. This photo is missing three anchors, one of his best friends, ex girlfriend, and his original tattoo.  Love you so much, Brendan, rest in so much peace.  I hope you’d be proud, boy.My first tattoo. It is one swallow for each and every one in my family.My right thigh by the lovely Ms Kelly McEvoy (Sacred Skin Tattoos) Australia. (working progress still..)Done by Phil at the Painted Lady in VA.  I got the tattoo because I decided that we all have four edges—three that we keep neat & tidy and those are the three we have facing the world all the time.  Those are the parts of ourselves we brag about and show other people readily, but the fourth edge is what we keep facing away from the world.  It’s all the hurt and incomplete stories we hide from people.  I decided that that’s the part I had to love about other people in order to truly love them, and more importantly, the part I had to love about myself.My first tattoo. I chose the quote “Don’t go. I’ll eat you up; I love you so” from my all time favourite film, Where The Wild Things Are. As well as that, I feel it best describes how my mind works. When you love someone so much, and you don’t want them to go, you could almost just eat them up. Photo by Denise Llanos Dee, tattoo by Peter from Blackline Studios in Toronto, ON.A tattoo I designed for my friend, Ben’s back. At first, I totally wasn’t into the idea, but then he explained what was behind it and I guess it makes sense.  His idea is that mistakes aren’t always regrets and that sometimes mistakes need to be celebrated. I held his hand the whole way through because it was his first one and he was in quite a lot of pain. **Designed by Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content - grover on nicktendo by toddsartofwonderSecond Star to the Right.  It’s the directions to Neverland from Peter Pan. A place where you stay young forever. I think youth is one of the greatest things we get to experience as humans. When you’re young you feel like you have no power, but really you do. When you’re young you have the power to choose your destiny. I’ve seen too many people grow up and start to worry about everything far too much, I don’t want that to be the future me. This is just a reminder for me to keep stay youthful and to keep a young mind.Picture of my 4th tattoo. Its a cover up, but red roses are my favorite. They remind me of my mom, they are her favorite too.  py-t.tumblr.comdetail for noah’s ark half-sleeve, tattooer Dave C WallinI got this a couple days ago. Me and my boyfriend are going to Paris for our one year. Hes in afghanistan right now, so the next time I see him, will be in Paris! :)My tattoo of lyrics to the song of the same name by Tyler Hilton.  This song came out right after my husband came home from a 13 month deployment with pretty bad PTSD, and the lyrics hit me hard in the best way .. tonight aint the end of the story, just keep turning the page, don’t give into the heartache, don’t give into the pain, this world will turn your way .. It became my mantra for rough days, which were pretty common, and I got it tattooed on my left wrist to help me through until they got less common.   The pics below it are Tyler’s reaction when he saw that tattoo after a show.  To say he freaked out would be an understatement, he dragged me around the place showing it to his band and made his Dad take pictures and videos of it.  e Nice to know it was appreciated.Hi there! This is my On The Road tattoo.  Not my favorite book, but easily one of my favorite quotes! I was also wondering if you could help me out?  I saw a couple pieces a long time ago by the same artist with a very distinct style on here.  I believe he was German (though I could be wrong).  I remember following a link to his myspace, and I remember a sort of sketchy spiral staircase piece of ink.  I LOVED his stuff, but I lost all my bookmarks a little while ago and forgot his name. Love this tumblr!  Thanks!This is my newest tattoo (and biggest) that I got about 4 months ago. I love the 1940 and 50’s style and I am a hairstylist so I got my pinup to be holding a blow dryer and scissors.Pikafoot. Why? Because I love Pikachu…my very first tattoo. my mom always tells me to be a lady, so i finally got it on my body to remind myself, and it will always remind me of her <3done by Peter Aurisch, signs and wonders,Berlin.

“While everyone’s lost, the battle is won with all this things that I’ve done.”

This was my first tattoo after the first session.  I thought the halfway version was very interesting since you can see all the single leaves and the intricate details.  Now that it’s filled in the intricacies are less obvious.  I love my tattoo a lot the way it is now but it’s very cool to see the progression it went through. Done by Nathan Kostechko at Coil Tattoo in LA skull of my own design. Done in a friend’s apartment. The piece does not have a clear cut meaning it’s a reflection of this time in my life, and means a lot to me personally.I have the word THAT tattooed on my right ear for my little sister,   Raven. Her favorite author/ artist is a man named Edward Gorey and her   favorite piece in particular is a page out of his book The Cautionary   Tales for Children. In the picture there is a raven sitting on a branch   watching two children playing dangerously on a bike and the raven  tells  them Beware of this and that. My sister will be getting this  image  tattooed on her when shes old enough but she wanted my stepmom  and I to  get This and That tattooed on us somewhere& So I decided I  was  That and I put it on my right ear. 7/22/10My second Alice tattoo. Straight from the original artwork in the book.This is my brother’s Banksy tattoo. (I showed him Bansky’s art a couple of years ago). We both fell in love with the art, but he’s the one brave enough to get the tattoo.  My brother and I are both fascinated  with apocalyptic themes, and this is a nice homage to that fascination. “Someone mad will always be watching”

wanderlust (n) : a strong desire or urge to discover & explore the world

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