Monday, 21 June 2010

TOYS and all sorts....

Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing comments it's really wow......I didn't realise how much people liked what I post:) haha it's cool for all my kiddos for being such gd followers and support my mind no matter how messed up it is thank you:)...
I was actually planning on having my own website that doesn't say;) at the end....a REAL website.....I am hoping I can get my head around it soon.....If anyone can help me with technical stuff and tell me which program does it the best please do help! would create more possibilities for me and you I could post my heart out;) then and not be restricted haha:)

PS: To person who commented about love to my blog today...I hope to keep you in my romance for as long as possible dear....I just wanna to share my obsessions and my romance with you...breath it in kid

Gucci Westman Talks Cameron Diaz's Vogue July 2010 Make-upSpring/summer 2010 Couture Fashion Week beauty trend (via theprettykitty) your beauty is timeless Lilac Time: spring/summer 2010 beauty trend punkanddisorderly:  b00gs:  danabear:  fuckyeahgirlcrush:lovingkristen:  nadnadnad:  i think shes a beauty  Kristen stands out so much. maybe it’s just me   maybe it’s cause she’s beautiful Dirty Pretty Things: The InspirationBraided BunchBeyond ShineKi Fit System: 2010's new fitness trendBeauty EnvyCrazy for ChloĆ©La Dolce VitaGrey MattersSuper SkinBig On Braids Purple Reigns Spring/Summer 2010 Beauty TrendIt's A Wrap Body Of ArtReinventing The WaveThe Beach Is BackMarc Jacobs Mayhem (via fuckyeahcutehair) (via llohan) (via fuckyeahineedthis) fuckyeahanja:  (via fuckyeahmaryna) cigarettesmokers:  (via inspirationed)(via dirtylittlestylewhore)vegetarianzombie:  (ohmissxue, hellosunandeveryone) (via vegetarianzombie) ache: madududu:   highheelsandhangovers:  absolutehorror:  windisinmyheart:itsamystery:maidlab:lepixie:loveforfashion Holy shit.   shit wehh cooool (via blindromance)(via cocaincrazy) this woman is pretty i want your face (via cocochic) fuckyeahprettyboyz:  Ash Stymest (via lesfemmes, murmurs) (via vanityxo)shannenwarzecha:  Twiggy.(via crazystyle)colieroliepolie:  fuckyeaholiviathirlby:  (via dryeffects)Allen Ginsberg I’ve decided This is how I want my hairMiddle parting, with no layers, but brown instead of dirty blonde.I know it’s going to take time to grow all my layers out, but I’ll be so chuffed in the endI want hair that I can do anything with.What do you think?motherrrfuckerrr Zara shoes, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Coco RochaFestival Fashion Trends
This dress looks so beautiful....I need to know where is it from!


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