Friday, 28 May 2010

te amo

usefulguilt:are2 nevver Dull Tool Dim Bulb. falsefriends darkmindbrightfuturedaniel-jonesmackensienoelle:  iamuntitled:  annaszczekutowicz:  rona-keller:  seaembraces:  Johnny Depp and Kate Moss photographed by Annie Leibovitzabbraccispezzati:  cigarettesonfire:  teenagedreams:  suzywire:  bodiesandminds:likeneelyoharathestarvingartists:  usefulguilt:fuckyeahlace:  (via makeitcontagious)mybitterheart:  brittyrevae:  (via lesfemmes, )  (via )  (via )thewhiteoleander:  (via cityyandcolour)162342:    (by Sofia Ajram)abbraccispezzati:  cigarettesonfire:  teenagedreams:  suzywire:  bodiesandminds:likeneelyoharaliveandletlive:  rockandroses:  iloveyoulessthanpunk:twigthewonderkid:fortheuglythings:chelsamander:horrorbitch:  Sid & NancyNancy Spungen moved to New York City when she was 17. She was working as a stripper and for a rock magazine, while following bands such as the New York Dolls and the Ramones. She wanted to date a punk musician, but after Johnny Rotten didn’t want anything to do with her, she moved onto his bandmate Sid Vicious. Between them, a mutual interdependence on sex, drugs, violence, fame and affection quickly developed. Supposedly, during their 23 month relationship, Nancy got Sid addicted to heroin. Everyone thought she was a bad influence on Sid, and the tabloids dubbed her “Nauseating Nancy” for her frequent and public displays of verbal abuse and violence.Sid wasn’t the greatest Bass player but he looked the part. But as the Pistols began to slowly disintegrate Nancy began to inflate Sid’s ego that he was the star of the band and who was holding it all together and in their heroin hazed existence that was probably their reality and what each other wanted to hear. After the Sex Pistols broke up in 1978, Sid and Nancy moved to the Hotel Chelsea in New York City. There, Sid tried, with limited success, to continue his musical career.Over the next few months, Sid and Nancy spiraled into deeper drug abuse, punctuated by reports of domestic violence. Their relationship ended violently on October 12, 1978, when Nancy was found sprawled on the bathroom floor of their hotel room, dead from a single stab wound to the abdomen, later traced to a knife owned by Sid. Vicious was immediately arrested for murder. There are several theories that Nancy was murdered by someone else, usually said to be one of the two drug dealers who visited the apartment that night. Vicious confessed in a signed statement. In it, he said “I stabbed her, but I didn’t mean to kill her. I loved her, but she treated me like shit.”Sid died of heroin overdose on February 1, 1979. A few days after Sid’s cremation, his mother found a suicide note in the pocket of his jacket: “We made a death pact, and I have to accomplish my part of the deal. Please bury me next to my baby. Please bury me with my leather jacket, jeans and motorcycle boots. Goodbye. With love, Sid.” Nancy was buried in a Jewish cemetery and Sid, who was not Jewish, could not be buried with her. Sid’s mother scattered his ashes over Nancy’s grave.  (via tamburina)(via prettymind)mackensienoelle:  iamuntitled:  annaszczekutowicz:  rona-keller:  seaembraces:  Johnny Depp and Kate Moss photographed by Annie Leibovitzhannahdavis:  anundevelopedstory:  (via into-thin-air)

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