Saturday, 17 April 2010

oh, sweet temptation oh, sweet addiction

Just because no one understands is doesn't mean it's wrong or you should stop.
The less understanding people give you the bigger the possibility that you may open their minds later on. I always say 'Just thick to what you feel'. I don't know. I think it works for me. If in couple years I will be happy with the way live, that will bee proof that it works.

People spend too much time thinking. Scratch that. I do. I spend too much time thinking. Thinking that I do not control. I should stop. I should.

Dear perfect stranger, the times I wonder whats the point are endless. The times I try to understand and think if I'm doing well it's simply endless. It makes me tired. More tired than tired. It makes me sad. More sand than sad. I am putting it in words, which does not make any sense...I shouldn't, as no one can put 'THIS' in words.

Images above from my dear friend on FB. If not him this collection would have never existed. I thank his amazing taste, and time he putted into these images. I am an absolute fan of his taste, and ways in which he puts images together.

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Deathjunke ROCKS:)
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Her past

These images do not belong to me....well some do...but I will point out which yeah I have no rights to these photographs.
This is just ermmm...inspiration....for me...stuff that don't fit on my poor wrecked laptop...and my fucked up head...and huge, old skechbook..and hmmm...if you wanna look through my stuff go ahead...this is what blogs are for, right?...


Stay away stay away SHE's a heel of a devil SHE will make you sway.