Monday, 5 April 2010


standingbetweenanaandmia:(via glitterandbones)skinnydipp:(via precipice)zeitgeistbitchesdanceundermyumbrella:(via prettygreen)thinspoanimal:today i ate 3 things of beef jerky (70 cals each) and 2 crystal lite packages (5 cals each) so that’s 250 calories which is less than the day 2 requirement of 300. and then i worked out and burned off about 260 on the treadmill/bike and then did crunches and shitttt. smoking tonight - i better not get the motherfucking munchies or i’ll crumble up insidezeitgeistbitches:(via sedateme)(via fffbitchesgetmoney)skinny girl diet day one: dunzo. 400 cals was the max.. 75 went to smarties (who knew they had so many fucking calories in three little rolls) and about 230 went to various niblets i had in the day. a total of 305(ish) isn’t too bad. plus i had lots of water and worked out. did a nine minute mile (fuck..too damn slow) so -100 cals there, did about 1 min of calf raises (prob like -10 cals) and then about 3-4 minutes of straight ab work (maybe like -30?) so my total was probably like..165? ish? i don’t know. anyway, it’s under 400. but now i feel jittery and faint. ugh.letsjustbeskinny:(via vild)yellow-light:ohwishes:  likeahurricane:  astarvingartist:  danceyourheartoutkid:  rockandroses:spidermonkeyslim:  (via thinbition)supersuperskinny:  (via nataliaamor)(via supersuperskinny)

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