Friday, 26 February 2010

I can make it beautiful....I can make it true...

fantasylegacy:expensivecoffee:nevermindthebollocks:(via bryonygarner)doe-eyes:s:m:a:o:s:(via sarahdanslenoir) This ed was disappointing compared to the cover ngl.I love this album.(via movieoftheday)vegetarianzombie:w:v:v:l:s:(via marrymejuliet)(via movieoftheday) Lol, dream job.Chanel SS 10 tattoosChanel Haute Couture SS 10I worked on this stupid essay the whole day, but I’m finally done and going to bed. Bye people ♥(via movieoftheday)I love Skye’s Louboutins and Taryn’s boots sfm.After Chanel HC SS 10tinylittlewolfgirl:(via hazelweatherfield)She reminds me  of Georgia Frost.Luella SS 10♥lucyfordd:(via fuckyeahslightlyamusing)longlivethequeen:j:l:y:s:(via ashleenichole)Hanne being Hanne. More important though, look at those salads in little capsules! I want to take my lunch for school in one of them! So cute hahahaGivenchy Haute Couture SS 10nirvanafeeelix:k:a:c:b:o:w:c:x:a:m:(via idubbzitgewd)She makes me want to dye my hair browntwigthewonderkid:tragiquemergency:(via ilovechaos)So many good editorials from my girls lately! I am pleased <3Chanel HC SS 10Chanel HC SS 10spermdump:s-a:(via justshoes)    Favourite shoes from the SS 10 collections (along with Fendi & McQueen) :D(via thelovelybones)Um, UNF. I’ve seen this guy before but I can’t remember his name/where. Enlighten me?H&M Garden Collection I loved this dress on Natasha sfm.Rodarte SS 10Chanel HC SS 10sdfhsDIOFHGNADH I’m in a horrible mood :|Chanel HC SS 10damndamnfine:fuckyeahpyts:(via letsgotoneverland) Only picture of him as a brunette that I like.yerawizardharry:alaska:(via hayleycakes)Freja @ Chanel HC SS 10 ♥Tavi has officially become a cute old lady that I’m jealous of.Alexa @ Chanel<3Christian Dior HC SS 2010 Frida looking like an elf as always.Vouge Turkiye(via bonesandstyle)Jfc this child is gorgeous

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