Monday, 18 January 2010

"...and our bodies are earth.And our thoughts are clay. And we sleep and eat with death." ♥


  • toshiharu:shigesa:fishandmush:jacony:kml:thinkupstudio:adorechic:sampler:tiremat:noahkai:ginandtattoos:k1ron:I’ve jumped from the top of those steps - from up there it’s REALLY fuckin high.Awesome picture mario by Elizabeth Zissou.Lennart Olson

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    Her past

    These images do not belong to me....well some do...but I will point out which yeah I have no rights to these photographs.
    This is just ermmm...inspiration....for me...stuff that don't fit on my poor wrecked laptop...and my fucked up head...and huge, old skechbook..and hmmm...if you wanna look through my stuff go ahead...this is what blogs are for, right?...

    YOU KNOW ALL THIS SHIT anyway....

    Stay away stay away SHE's a heel of a devil SHE will make you sway.