Thursday, 12 November 2009


Miss Sixty Jeans from London, Heels14 from London, Primark Clack

Bowler Hat from Primark, Viva Radio Tee from American Apparel, Tartan Blazer from Topshop, Studded Boots from Office

Wide Turtleneck Sweater from Urban Outfitters, Leather Hood from Thrift Store, Pants from Levi's, Boots from Dr Martens
H&M Black Leather Jacket, Safety Goggles, Standard Cloth Skinny Jeans

Black Lace Bodysuit, Leather Shorts

Black Leather Jacket from Express, Chiffon Nightgown from Victoria Secret, Boyfriend's Bike Helmet from My Babycakes

Shirtdress from Ruche, Skirt from Thrifted, Tights from Fred Meyer

Vintage Fur Hat from, Old Highschool Uniform Blazer from School Uniform Store, Lonely Hearts Summer Dress from My Hart, Auckland

Levi's Jacket, Urban Outfitters Jumpsuit, Topshop Shoes

Hat from Nastygal Vintage, Minimal Cardigan from Dings, Wesc Shorts from Dings, Obey Necklage

H&M Tshirt, Clockshaped Necklace from Selfmade, Pants from from Sister's Wardrobe

Showgirl Kate Moss Printed Grey Long Singlet from Melbourne, Geena Paige Altered Black Netted Vest with Lace Trim from Mum Bought It As a Top with 3/4 Length Sleeves Years Ago, Supre Black Tube Top Worn As a Skirt from Found It...

Ray Bans, Beanie, Plaid Flannel Shirt from Thrifted, Women's Face Tee from Metropark

Vintage Shoes

Vintage 1800's Jacket, Self Hand Sewn Re-worked Vintage Beaded Panties, 1970's Velvet Shawl, Self Made Feather Head Accessory

Hendrix Top from Salvation Army, Matte Leggings from AA, Lace Up Boots from Topshop

Please Fuck Off.. from DIY, Cheap Monday Acid Wash Stovepipes from Ex Boyfriend ;), Dr Martens Boots, Mac 'morange' Lipstick

H&M Wolf Sweatshirt, Gray Skirt with Zippers from Pitaya, Flying Tomato Leather Jacket,

Shoes from Acne

Boyfriend Jeans from H&M, Crop Top from Urban Outfitters, Charles Albert Pewter Vintage Shoes

T-shirt from Vintage, Topshop High Waist Skirt

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