Saturday, 14 November 2009


Shades of Greige Black and White Plaid Button Up, Kimichi & Blue Black Skirt, DIY Ripped Tights, Wedges

H&M Dress, Seychelles "her Majesty" Heels from, Vintage Wicker Purse, Thrifted Little Boy Blazer

Scarf from Zara, Black Leather Perfecto from Frip, Black Cardigans, Black Velvet Slim from Cheap Monday

Cream Banana Republic Sweater from Thrift, Lace Tank from Thrift, Worn Blue Jeans from Too Old to Remember, Black Boots from Thrift

T-shirt from Zara, Pants from Vintage, Boats from Vintage, Bag from Fred Perry

White Cropped Jeans from Closet, Grey Leather Bag with Braided Stripe from Gmarket, Nude Pink Sleeveless from Cotton On, Striped Cardigan from Gmarket

DIY Black Knit Skull Sweater, Marlboro Lights, Old Black Denim, Vintage Black Suede Gold Studded Dress Shoes

Fur Hat, Sun Glasses, Pashmina Scarff, Skinnies

Shades of Greige Black and White Plaid Button Up, Kimichi & Blue Black Skirt, DIY Ripped Tights, Wedges

Zara Shoulder Blouse, Alexander Wang Back

Shoes from Dinsko, Dress from Cubus

Immense Hoodies, the Northe Face Bag, Immense Pant, Shoes

Necklace from H&M, Rings from H&m, Gina Tricot, Glitter, Belt from Mother, Hat from H&M

Top Shop, Top Shop

Abahouse Tank Top, Ps Underground Woolen, Levi's Pant, Redwing Boot

Wool Jumper, Ripped Up Jeans, Bally Leather Shoes

Illustrated People Blue Sweater, H&M Pink Tutu Skirt, Legs Avenue Leopard Tights, Black Converses

Zara Top, Accessorize Bracelet, Ray Ban Clubmasters

Miss Sixty Jeans from London, Heels14 from London, Primark Clack

Suede Jacket from Vintage, Velvet Patterned Shirt from Second-hand, Shiny Leggings from Vero Moda, Black Boots from Topshop

Free Authority Cable Knit Bomber from Urban Outfitters, Scarf from Urban Outfitters, Armani Exchange Shirt from Ax, Levis Jeans from Urban Outfitters

Vintage 1920s Cream Silk Flapper Dress from Thrifted


Hat from Nastygal Vintage, Minimal Cardigan from Dings, Wesc Shorts from Dings, Obey Necklage

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