Saturday, 27 June 2009

coco rocha- numero 88

I know I am terrible!!! It's so crazy right now!!!I have to stay after school....because of festival that is going on. I love festival!!!Each year our school gives a is really amazing...very professional....we have many guests.....we going to do three openings this year...and 3 other of them in London. I'm doing music...I love doing it:) I always have so much fun and we play amazing know after festival my music skills get better...and I really enjoy it!
Yesterday was really crazy day....first whole school was talking about Micheal Jackson's death. (RIP ). Then we had out first accident. One girl who was practising aerial silks....fell off....:( She's in hospital right now....many of us cried over poor girl. In hospital they said that she will be OK. Polly take care:) The very last thing that has happened yesterday was a huge shock to me. I need to tell you a little bit of background so you will understand the situation more.
About two years ago, when I only came to my English school...with my very very poor English...we had a special guest Cassie Cassidy. I don't know if any of you know her, but she's a writer. She writes for teens. I was amazed to see her...but pretty lost at the time....I wanted to practise my English, so from time to time...i would write something and ask her to mark it. Then one day I'm sitting in class and she gives me a letter! It's from Cassie Cassidy!!! She said that she liked my story, which meant that my teacher send her my story. I was happy about it:)
And now two years from that, I find this article( well OK my teacher finds it)


Her latest book Angel Cake is about a young Polish girl called Anya, who dreams of moving to Britain to start a brand new life but things aren’t quite what she expected.

Her inspiration came from a girl she met at (name of my school, but you don't need to know it:P) in (name of the place where i live) a few years ago: “The girl handed me a piece of writing about her first day in the UK and her feelings just sizzled off the page. I didn’t intend to do anything about it, but the idea of what it would be like to come to a different country niggled away at me.”

Angel Cake, will be published on National Best Friend’s Day on July 4, the importance and power of friendship being a constant theme through her books."

She wrote a book about me!? I am still in shock!!!!I can't believe it!!!!So yeah it is very, very shocking!!!!

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