Friday, 5 June 2009

Burberry Prorsum resort 2010.

We are going to london to preform Gamelan!!!It's on friday, the 10th of june. I can't wait! I just recived this mad diet from a friend...and I swear that the amount of food that you need to eat in one day is huge!!! He said that I need to eat that everyday for 3 weeks...and results are great!
I'm gonna share it with you...I hope that at least you have the strengh to stuff yourself with all that food...I don't.

All of these meals are eaten in one day.

- Omelet whit two whole eggs (fried in olive oil), and oak meal (one quarter glass filed whit oat meal is poured whit boiling water, and you wait to cool down…)

- Boiled or steamed chicken steak, or baked in the Owen, whit boiled rice (integral)

- Boiled squid, whit boiled potato.

- Tuna fish in water, whit pasta.

- Boiled eggs (only whites), whit boiled rice or potatoes.

- Fish (baked or fried, don’t eat the skin) whit potatoes.

The quantity of the meals is relative taking notice that the ratio of the meals is 70 % protein and 30 % carbohydrates. Example: 70 grams chicken steak whit 30 grams rice
Also take notice that the meals should be smaller (eat until satisfied dot stuff your self!!!), eat smaller meals, several times per day (one meal every 3-4 hours), at least 4 meals per day. You can avoid the food that you don’t eat or allergic to, but it is strongly recommended that you eat all the varieties because of their nutritive value.
Whit every meal you have to eat some salad (tomato, green salad, veggies...) and small amount of almonds or cashew nuts (5-6 nuts).
You can eat small amount of fruits between meals if not satisfied. Example: half an apple.

Whit this diet it is necessary to take dietary supplements such as multi vitamins tablets and calcium in the form of calcium citrate (because it is the most absorbable form of calcium).

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