Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bride of the water god

My first ever manga. The most beautiful manga I've ever read. I still need to finish it. I think that pictureas are so stunning!!!....and pure!!!It's called 'Bride of the water god'. I spend all my day sitting in this big bookshop. Sitting down on the floor, hidden somewhere between piles of books, putted in order. Everybook had it's own place. I felt odd. It didn't matter after some time, it didn't take me long to end up in the world where you don't feel out of place anymore. I love days like feels be just with yourself....the lonliness in me can't get any deeper....and no soul can fill it....there is only ONE....that is able to....

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Her past

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Stay away stay away SHE's a heel of a devil SHE will make you sway.