Saturday, 30 May 2009

Raquel Zimmerman for Marc Jacobs S/S 2009 Ph: Juergen Teller

Oh lover boy........

"[29/05/2009 23:44:05] ania(:: what are you writing?
[29/05/2009 23:44:29] mescicelik: i do writing aboıut my real feelings since i met you
[29/05/2009 23:44:33] mescicelik: so its about you
[29/05/2009 23:45:08] ania(:: what is it....why are you writting it?
[29/05/2009 23:46:14] mescicelik: cause sometimes english words not enough for my feelings for you andsecrets about you soi need to write somewhjere
[29/05/2009 23:46:45] ania(:: secrets about me?
[29/05/2009 23:46:49] ania(:: wht secrets?
[29/05/2009 23:47:00] mescicelik: they are secrets"

I am hell of a damn, and scared idiot....but lucky one. Is he real? Can he be true? Is it just an act? I'm not questioning that when I into his eyes....and when we are's so real....but everytime we are apart....I am...questioning it...because simply he's tooo good for me....

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