Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I know, I know I am terrible!!!I didn't visit my blog for ages!I have a good excuse tho!!! I had to study for exams. I wont be visiting until next Monday as well, as a terrible daughter my mother decided to take my Internet life away for four days. It's actually my first thing that I ever got taken away, because i did something wrong. It might sound wrong, but I'm proud of myself. What have have I done!? Well I got into pretty bad argument. I got out of it in one piece, so did my mother.
My mind is miles away, and thinking of my other half who is in completely different part of the world. I worry about him so much, he's been through so much lately. Looking forward to meet him this week.
Drama in school is getting worse, and worse. I have enough of it. This girl is so jealous about my friendship with Laura, and she wants to kick my pale ass out as fast as possible, acting like a complete idiot, and slave. Hopefully Laura sees it, and won't fell for it( I can't even imagine her falling for this act).
I've got my guitar exam on Friday, and it is really stressful right now, as I can't get it right! The only thought that keeps me alive is that I will see HIM on Friday, and that next week I have a week off, and that this weekend I'm working with artists!!!I can't wait.

I want Friday so bad, I miss HIM so much.

I hope that you are all OK guys, I wish all best for you.


PS: She took her life away. I don't know her, but I could see the pain on HIS face when he told me that. How lonely and desperate this poor girl had to be? How !? If you are thinking of taking your life away little stranger, think of me....think of these people that will be suffering...if they will survive the fact that your existence.....disappeared with all the love and only memories left behind.









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