Saturday, 30 May 2009

Freja Beha in Vogue Nippon July 2009, My Cowgirl Hero.

...when your mum stops leaving the light on at night....and you stop sleeping without Mr. Blanky...and when you start just nodding to everything, but you don't really listen, and very often you shut the doors very loud....and when you start wearing heels....and your feet are really don't really understand why you wearing it if its so uncomfortable!!!....when boys and men start looking at you in that funny way...then it becomes creepy after some time...and when start wearing a dress and it isn't so innocent anymore, it becomes sluty....when you realise that money doesn't grow on trees, and you start looking for a job, which is harder than you think....and when your dad stops being the only man in your life...he starts asking you about your friends (boys mainly), so after a while John becomes Jane, and Mike, Maria....when you realise that you can't make babies by kissing...and you start understanding the word 'sex', and when you stop closing your eyes on romantic movies, and when you start knowing things....and then understanding things more.....and then you wish that you didn't hear conversations...and when you stop learning little and longer poems about silly little Suzie with your nan....and when sleeping beauty stops being the only story you want to hear your mummy to tell you before you go to bed and when you stop eating chocolate, because it makes you fat....and when your bag isn't stuffed with Mr. Teddy Grizzly.....and make-up fills up the space....and when you start wearing make-up...and it's as little as possible at first and then it's noticeable, that your brother looks at you like you are from different planet....and when your little brother stops being your best friend and turns into your enemy because he just doesn't understand anything!...and when you start to buy magazines...and you like all the pretty ladies in them...and want to look like them.....and when you want to be older and do anything to look older, but then again when days like this one come you just want to sleep with Mr. Blanky....and wear pink, cute dresses...and hug your daddy....and just be that little girl...

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