Thursday, 28 May 2009

Chanel Couture Spring/Summer 2009 ( So pure, natural, beautiful, femminine)

How can anyone decide what is fashionable or not....I mean everyone has their own how anyone dares to tell you that you are not fashionable? Huge fashion icons set the style, but wait a sec aren't they human being the same human beings as we are? They have knowledge, that's the only difference. It's the same with different things...for example how can someone tell that this kind of art is wrong. Art is something extremely personal, something spiritual. Each and one of us have different ways of drawing, creating. Why then some art is wrong when other is right?
Why always older people tell you what is right and what is wrong? OK they have an experience, but hello!!! Times changes, why do they have to pressure you to do things, instead of advising and explaining? Each argument, each question why ends on we all are human beings. It ends on it for me. I've been trying to figure out this for a while now.
I don't understand the whole priest thing as well. How can you say what is right and what is wrong? In my opinion priests use Bible as a back up. Bible is like a poem for me, you don't understand it word to word. This is why you can understand it in many many ways. I think that they have no rights to tell us how to do things, there is no wrong way, path. WHY can't they? Because they are human beings, and they make mistakes the same as we do, they aren't any better then us. The easiest example ever is homosexuals. Bible tells us that God loves everyone for who they are, no matter what. Priests say that homosexuals are wrong, because God created women and men, and it's against the nature. Where is that love to all human beings then....???? I'm not putting everyone in one box. I'm not saying everyone is the same... but it is worth thinking about. I think about that constantly and trying to figure out. Why do we have rights to do things, to set the limits, to say what is right and wrong? Who are we to tell everyone alse the ways of doing things.....i guess this is why art bis so amazing and inspiring, because there is so many different ways of creating...not invented yet. Art critics follow their little rules....for me there is no rules in art. As long as you believe in what you are doing, believe in your creation you will be the happiest human. What happened with my confidence? I wish I could believe in my art, as all the artist. I wish I had strength to show it with pride. Do you have to grown to reach that point? Develop? Is it this 'morning thing'? You wake up and feel the difference inside you? I don't know. I hope I will find the answer one beautiful day.

PS: Love what you are doing. Happy doesn't mean having money. Believe in your art.....believe in your creation...and have strength to show it.....

Lots of love

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