Saturday, 23 May 2009

Abbey Lee Kershaw in Dazed & Confused June 2009, Chic Surrealism.

Yes, I do have an illness and it is freedom.

I had an amazing time with artists I met two really famous ones, both of them on their way to other part of the world. It hit me, it hit me so bad. I wanted just to pack my bags and go. I wanted it so bad. I don't know when I started being like this. I miss everything what is out there. I think that it started from my little trips, when I started working as a model. I promised myself that I won't work for now, because I've got to do stuff at school. I promised myself that I won't travel. It kills me inside every day, every hour, everyy minute. It's life, I am missing IT. I want IT. I want freedom.

I had really weird day. It was very calm. It doesn't matter how hard i tried to concentrate on art. It didn't work, as I had HIM on my mind all day. At some point I caught myself calling him, and I wanted to call my mother. I need to do something with this mad feeling inside. I want it to go. I'm in the middle of looking at collages in London. I might find better ones. Then I will start to turn from thinking into doing. I've made a decision. I have to go to London. I need it.

"You need dreams and you need to follow them" said someone really important to me today. I have dreams there is one thing missing. I wish they could sell it on shops. I wish I could just pick it up from a shelf, and bring home with me.
He helped me with this, but now that I know it will take more time for him to move here, which means I won't see him. That little thing that he began in me disappears. I looked around and I can't find it.

PS: I hope you all have that last piece that will help you to finally touch your dreames.

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