Thursday, 26 March 2009

GQ Style

I'm so sorry for being an evil person and forgeting about my dear blog, but I guess I got sucked into collage life, which I admire so much. Even if its only two weekks in collage, after 5 days I have to say that I love it, and sure it will be hard to come back. I'm kindda happy that I'm in school yet, too much distraction;)!I swear I've never been so.....hard to concentrate...exept for the maths lessons. After two weeks of work experiance, we break up so I will have more time for you.:)
So long...

PS: I need to stop saying 'guys''s so american...I get on everyone's nervs and mine by saying it.

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Her past

These images do not belong to me....well some do...but I will point out which yeah I have no rights to these photographs.
This is just ermmm...inspiration....for me...stuff that don't fit on my poor wrecked laptop...and my fucked up head...and huge, old skechbook..and hmmm...if you wanna look through my stuff go ahead...this is what blogs are for, right?...


Stay away stay away SHE's a heel of a devil SHE will make you sway.