Thursday, 18 March 2010

I'm not invisible touch me I won't disappear   deductivehappiness:   fecklesss:  dashofpowertiga:   somethingintellectual:  Ubiquitous by Naoko Itogkojaxmeetsrebloggersuptown:   rosarosa:   snakecharma:   thoughtsonasunday:  fuckyeahphotography:  (via obscure-perception)jinakanishi:   hinthint:   prettyfoods:  yerawizardharry:  Pancake mountain!michi66f:   deadgirls:   mrmt:  via   asada-santohei:   karenai-hana:  link00a:   laft:   girlyylrig:   monorainbows:   yangoku:   mayfeld:   yuzupe:  seifuku toi8plasticdreams:   underskin:   whatthehale:  (via papertissue) 100%yuco:   toukubo:   kml:   dannnao:   sampler:  (via baubauhaus)jinon:   neverneverland:   do you know what day it is. (img via nightmarebrunette:wonderlandcode831)ranpie:   sampler:  taka84:  tetris:  mifei:  sampler:  monorainbows:  画像表示       優木まおみsampler:   technolize:   taupevolante:   the-deaf-life:  ak47:  taizooo:  elvisdepressley:  robertschofield: by Yell Saccaniyasaiitame:  What time is it?gkojaxmeetsrebloggersuptown:   kari-shma:  0061/1001: poison oak (via Jennifer Tang!)yasaiitame:  Trust me.usaginobike:   austenish:   whytheyrehot:  Why He’s Hot:  THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the one and only Gael Garcia Bernal. Who the hell, who else could rock a hat like this, seriously. He is an excellent and very sexy actor of Mexican decent, muy caliente indeed.   this.NOW. you’re probably thinking, “DAMNNN, chris pine got some competition with that bulge-age!!” and yes he does, dammit.  He can speak spanish, english, portuguese, french and italian. just imagine the things he would say when he’s making love to you…. oh mahh laaawwwdddd.  His eyes. My GOD, HIS EYES. they are pools of that good and sweet ass honey.  He is an amazing character and could play any role. I mean anything. Gael can play a gorgeous transgendered woman, or a young homosexual who is fond of skinny dipping and jacking off beside the pool, and many many more. I also love the fact that he doesn’t mind being naked for most of the time (Dios mioooooo por favor.  {submission}gkojaxmeetsrebloggersuptown:   yasunao:   designlovely:   prettystuff:  (via audreyhepburncomplex)michi66f:   quote-book:  (by kpguevarra)gkojaxmeetsrebloggersuptown:   sft:  (via sabino)classics2:   notsharon:   icanread:  (by edwardgr)kari-shma:  day threehundredtwentyseven (via thelastdisco)lunaryue:   ohmizaiju:   tumbttoru:   takkanm:   kakutani:   ljmp:   kimagurefilm:   postmodernista:   iheartmyart:  hardcorejudas:disturbingimages:julesramzy: BEAUX ARTmichi66f:  (via quote-book)michi66f:   itbsb:   beatabeatrix:   unicornology:  mollysoda:(via komhem)classics2:   pie0:   fluorescentbeige:fyeahstarwars:samiwaslike  This might have to happenkari-shma:  4. (via Chrissie White)lunaryue:   mazucon:  (via ireblog)kari-shma:  (via: Jennifer Tang) ?kondot:  (via papertissue)except-musume:   gamagoorikick:  rocococola:  lovelygirls:  vintagelolita:  Anna Karina, Paris, 1960  cutest photo ever!kml:   ak47:   frostbittenx:   tetris:  killerbeach:  sampler:  sexual:  kari-shma:  Picture via:michi66f:   aspettandoellis:   myluna:kari-shma:   updates 8/27 (via Chrissie White)gkojax:   jinakanishi:  (via fuckyeahmarykateashley)classics2:   theoriginaljoefisher:   sarahchristine:  (via supersonicelectronic) Solidarity sister.gkojax:   aleq:   dorisuke:  ラウンジ@デミカフェyuco:   raurublock:   David Bowie: Mug Shot  1976年にマリファナで逮捕されたときのデビッド・ボウイのマグショット。かっこいいことで有名kondot:  (via papertissue)yamato:   vmconverter:   jacony:  (via sabino)classics2:   gkojaz:   dirtyprettys:  xx Rest In Peace, McQueen (via tfs)ruby ring

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