Friday, 16 October 2009


Levis High Waisted Mini Shorts from Vintage, Opp Shop., Converse High Top Mono Black from General Pants Co, Opp Shop Vintage Long Sleeve Shirt from Vintage Store

Scarf from Accent

Ring from YSL, Coat from Zara

Shirt from Ginatricot, Tights from Monki, Shoes from Dinsko

Peacoat from Simons, Cheap Monday Jeans, Timberland Boots

Vintage Jacket & Top Under It, Vintage Shorts, Vintage Hat

Knitwear from Gina Tricot, Beanie from Indiska, Boots from Spirit

Harness Turkey Wings from, American Apparel Grey Tank Top, Boots from Thrift

Denim from Thrifted, Top from Supre, Leggings from Globalize

Black Fedora from Thrift Store, Pattern Dress from Urban Outfitters, Black Boots from Good Will

Boots from

Silence+noise Blazer

Zara White Lace Dress, Clutch from Vintage

Carin Wester from Shoes, Jeans from, Jacket from Balenciaga

Necklace from a Birthday Present from Glastonbury

Self Made Nerd

Mtwtfss Weekday Thin Shirt, High Waist Denim Pants, Reused

Short Dress with Pocket from Stockholm, Always Sexy Black Leggins

Glad's, Am Shades from Pixie Market, Over Sized Knit Scarf from Vender On Broadway, Ny, Leaf Pendant from Forever 21

Shirt from Ginatricot, Tights from H&M

Levis, H&M, Frip, Boots

Shoes from Lotusse

Cheap Monday Denim Drainpipes from Docks Caviar (bordeaux), Brown Brogues from Vintage, the Smiths Tank from Made By Me 8d, Compas from Car Boot Sale

General Idea By Bumsuk Black Coat, Agnès B Dark Blue Cotton Shirt, April 77 Black Skinny Jeans, Lanvin Black Leather Boots

DIY Ribbon Pin, 3d Glasses, Totoro Backpack from Overseas, Giordano Kids Rolled Shorts from Hong Kong

Lace Scarf, Blazer, Black Skinny's from Urban Outfitters, Combats

American Apparel Oversized Sweater, American Apparel Leggings, Topshop Boots

Vintage Cadet Boots, H&M Tights, Vintage Floppy Hat, Vintage Blouse

Burberry, Bally, True Religion, Burberry

American Apparel Circle Scarf, H&M Jacket, Bag from My Mothers, Weekday Shirt

Blazer, Bag, Scarf

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